Tuesday, December 16

My X-Mas Wish list.

1. Digital Camera (a goot one)
2. Gift Cards from Target/Payless/Bluefly.com/Hot Topic/Any really.
3. Golf Clubs/Club (One good driver will sufice for now.)
4. Burrberry Brit by Burberry Perfume.
5. A gift cert to a Salon.
6. Le Divorce/Dance Me Outside/Love and Sex/
7. My Grandparents visiting sometime next year.
8. Hello kitty Clock radio.
9. A guitar (This one is doubtful)
10. My own little Hello Kitty tv. (Pebbles put it in my head and now I want it...Damn you!)

I'll settle for my family having a wonderful x-mas and knowing that my families/friends are safe and sound.

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