Monday, November 3

New News

Well, this weekend was and good one I believe. Friday I got to hang out with some cool people and had a blast laughing all night long. Saturday I watched TV by my lonesome which was good and Sunday I took my nephew to see Brother Bear. It was good because I'm into the inspirational/touching stuff but not so much for kids. One too many killings that needed to be explained. I loved it though. I just bought my tickets to see Matrix on Wednesday And I intend to have a blast. I usually an all about movie openings, especially when they're kewl. (I.E. Star Wars/LOTR/Matrix) It's all good. I barely missed out on the once in a lifetime chance to watch the LOTR Trilogy on Dec 15th. They are going to show all three in once day, the day before Return of the king comes out. OH well C'est la vie. I still got my ticket to see Return of the King that Wednesday and I would've had to take the day off to see it. I gotta be gettin now. So I'll catch you katz on the flip side. Laters.

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