Wednesday, November 5

Tha Matrix....

Matrix Review (

Man, I was so excited to go see the Matrix today. I have my tickets and everything. Then Benji tells me to read the reviews. The reviews say it sucks. He's been saying things like that since I bought the tickets and he's the one that wanted me to buy them! He's been like "Oh they say it sucks..." Oh this and oh that. Jackass. If you don't want to see it anymore then just say so. I'll give the ticket to someone else. It's whatever, mang. I don't care if it isn't that great. I'm going to party on like it is. HA! To get all into it I even watched the Matix Reloaded last night. I've seen AniMatrix and I've played Enter the Matrix a little. I'm not obsessed or anything I just think it's fun. Anyways, I got in late today so I get to be here til 6:00. Hooray! It's okay though were going strait to the Feeahter (As Tris would say) from here. The movie starts and 7:20. And I can't for now.

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