Tuesday, November 18

French Phrases.

How to be Obnoxious in French

Ah ha. In my quest to make a last ditch effort to speak a little French. (Well maybe not the last) I stumbled upon this little page of useful French for my upcomming trip to ghey parriee. This page is hillarious. It's not what I was looking for when I googled it but it's definately amusing. I just might use some. I think my favorite is...

"Do you have any French in you? Would you like some?"
"Vous avez des origines fran?aises? Pourquoi pas une descendance fran?aise?"
(voo za - vay deh zo - ri - zhin fran - say? poor kwu pah deh - sen - dans fran - say?)

Fun-nay! Anyhow. That is all. Carry on. And if you happen to find some real useful French email it to me. S'il vous plais. Merci!

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