Wednesday, November 12

For the 80's Babies. Test your knowledge...

I got a 46. I must brush up. I felt dumb because I knew some of the lyrics I didn't get. It was bummie. Anyways, have fun with it!

I had a bummie day off yesterday. It was just kind of a depressing day. Seeing my nephew always lifts my spirits. He always has something witty and/or offbeat to say. Four year olds....gotta luv'em. As for now I'm just waiting for the days to go by faster. My gurl Roach is moving up here with me soon. She'll be here next week. FINALLY! She's a really good friend and I am blessed to have her in my life. She's really giving and knows how to have fun. Maybe she'll drop by here sometime. Other than that it's just waiting for Gay Pair-ree. I can't wait. I'm cleaning my room so I can start packing. I wanna look good in paris. It's a must! As for everything else in my life. I miss my friend Stephanie, I wish I had a pet, I found my Frankie J cd today (kew), and I'm hungry. Maybe I'll write more later. Peash out.

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