Friday, November 28

Thank god it's over!

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I absolutely love It rawks my sox and it's soo convientent. It's free and you can add all the friends you like. You can make network of friends grow. You have your own journal. You can meet new cool ash people, and you can post bulletins that will be seen by all your friends so you don't have to write them all individually. You can keep in touch with all your pow-wow buddies/snaggs at once and you can me new ones...(muahahahaha) It's basically like friendster but I believe it's alot cooler. Friendster seems uptight to me. Anyways, join and add me my email is If you would like an invite email me your email or put it in the comments or sumthing...thanks, and now on to other news....

I'll be happy if I never see another turkey for 365 days. ha ha ha. Man...I was soooooo stuffed yesterday. I went to my friend Kina's yesterday and her mom cooked the bombest meal I've ever seen. It looked like it was catered it was soo nice. If anything I'm Thankful for that. I ate soo much and kept trying to eat but I just couldn't do it. We watched a movie to help digestion but it I still felt like a bloated tick.

Afterward we went in search of a few drinks and finally decided to go to Alchemy @ Nation. It was kinda awkward at first but cause it was Goth night but as soon as we got in I was mesmirized. I had such a kick ass time and I love the music. The people were great too. I think I'll drag my friend Ryan there next week when he gets here. He love that shyt. Kina and Roach like it too. We'll just have to "dress up" next time. Oh I'm so goth...ha ha ha ha Black Rox!

Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect,

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