Friday, October 31

Where I spend my time....Buzz Message Board

Yep. This is where I spend most of my brain cells and time. It's a message board for people that like Techno/House/Whatever. Plus, you get a discount to the coolest club in DC if you post at least 10 times a week. It's a place to vent, a place to laugh, and a place to learn interesting useless knowledge. I love it.

:Sub-change: Lately, I've been having weird dreams about one of my ex's. I know everyone does but this particular one seems to be Haunting me lately. When I was walking out of the store a couple weeks ago I swear he was walking straight toward me and my heart lept in my throat. And before that I happen to hear someone with a voice just like his and his laugh behind me. This is all strange because he's like a million miles away and has no other business in DC. There's no way he'd come here unless it was for church or something. (Which is how I met him in the first place) Anyways, he was online today and when I saw his name light up it freaked me out. We don't talk anymore because I don't know why. It could be alot of things but bottom line is we don't communicate. I know that's not odd for some but it's odd for me. It's just bothers me I suppose. I miss him alot. Oh hoo for me.

Anyways, Happy Halloween y'all. Here a card for all of y'all!

It's the least I can do for the Holidayz. Stay safe and if you're in DC call 1-800-200-TAXI for a free ride home. Have a great weekend and take care y'all.

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