Tuesday, September 2


I am almost obsessed with Chevelle. I could easily get there quick. I love the red. I don't know why. I'm getting into this rock phase in my life. I love hip-hop and r&b. But sometimes I just feel like rock is feelin me like I'm feelin it. It's been a slow process. My sister's been into it for a while. And now I'm just like...yeah, I can dig it. And the new Indigenous CD is out. I listened to the first cut off of it. It's pretty good. I'm not really into the song lyrics but definately into the feeling. C'mon Susie. I felt it in the end. Plus, I still wouldn't mind being his guitar for a day. Man that boy can play. Sorry I've be out of it for a while. My best friend Benji moved back last week and it's been an experince ever since. I missed him alot. I'm glad he's back. I finally have a partner that's willing to go to clubs even though he's only in the the VIP scene. I just wanna dance. House, hip-hop, New-wave, whatever. It's kewl. I get my first real paycheck this week. Finally, I can buy my own clothes! I can pay my own bills! I can be a responsible adult! Hooray! I'll scribb more laters. I just wanted to jot a few lines to check in. L8ter.

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