Monday, September 22

Baby Bash

Oh yeah, baby. Here is another obsession to add to my collection. His new song Suga Suga is sooo dreamy. I love it. Not to metion he has my husband Frankie J on it as well. Lovely lovely. You can see the video on and you can listen to the song on the website. I strongly and highly recommend it!

In more important news. Amber came home Wednesday night and she made it through the hurricane along with the rest of us. She's doing great and eating well. I'm so glad. I'm on proud Auntie!

This weekend was alright for the most part. My power didn't go out once and it was kind of a disappointment. I was really hoping for some exciting rumbles and stuff. I got nothing. That what I get for living in boring DC. ha ha ha. Actually I'm very blessed. My power didn't go out once and my loved ones are all in one piece. I can't complain. God continues to bless me. (Like he would ever stop) Thank you, Lord.

In other news....I saw Once Upon a Time in Mexico. It was definately a good movie. I liked it alot. The ends got too tied up too quickly at the end and there were some story lines that weren't developed too well but other than that. It was awesome. I hightly recommend it.

AND other than that I'm at work again after a good four day weekend. It was heavenly. TTFN

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