Friday, September 26

Stephanie's Dream Man....Aye...JUST KIDDING Steph!

Anyways, the link up above is to a Guy named Wiley Petersen. He's a gorgeous bullrider who takes pride in spreading the word of god to all his fans. He's also a very successful bullrider. It's really nice to see someone from Fort Hall doing something positive and uplifting. I never really new him so I'm not going to pretend we were friends once upon a time or anthing. I just like to tease Steph about him because we all used to go to Junior High together back in the day and she....she might not want me to tell that story.....hmmmm......Anyways, I know he'll never probably see this but congradulations to you Wiley I appricate what you do and may you continue to recieve all of his blessings.

Anyhow I thought I would drop some lines while I had the time to say that I am totally luvin my job. It's the dog's tuxedo. I may just stay here for a while. It's good. With health benefits and all. So I'm proud of myself for the time being. I'm still in love with Frankie J. He's just absolutely gorgeous. I am crossing my fingers that Roachie goes to see him this weekend and at least get a glimpse. So I can live vicariously through her....hahahahah. Wow it's almost 5....I better get going. Peace and humptyness forever.

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