Wednesday, September 3 - Welcome To The Family.

Flash Mobs! The newest thing to fizzle out fast. Just when it comes to DC, it fizzles out. I'll be lucky if I can get into at least one before it's completely dead. Flash Mobs, in case you've never heard, are a group of strangers getting together to do random strange things and then randomly leaving like nothing ever happened. It's too cool to be true. I barely missed the last one and it was a couple blocks from my house! I am still very disappointed. I am very bitter.

Right now I'm sitting listening to my little Yahoo! Launch radio staion tuned into the Alternative Adult station trying to stay awake. I'm so tired. I need to get my life together still. I finally got 6 loads of laundry done late last night (3 months later...)which is the reason I'm tired today. I still need to get to the sheets, towels and my darks tonight. That's another 6 loads itself. Doing laundry to me is both fun as it is funny. My laundry room has 12 washing machines and five "good" dryers. By good, I mean the big ones you can shove two washed loads in. It's fun to me because I get some weird satisfaction in sorting things. You can even ask my sister about times I "fix" the candy in the grocery check out or in the magazine aisle. I just like to sort. I'll sort out Gummie Bears for fun. (Note to self: Discuss with the therapist.)
Anyways, back to the joys of the laundry room...When I go down to do laundry I have a "system" that's kinda selfish but it works. It gets my laundry done in record time, saves me money and I get the number of washers and dryers I want. It goes like this...
When I'm washing I always do it when there are at least 2 washers free. When the wash is down I'm already ready with my next two loads and get them going. Ususally by this time there is at least one dryer available. So I put my loads in the dryer and put extra quarters, adding time to the machine. By the time my second loads are done my first loads are done and I have time to spare on the dryer. I have my next to dirty loads ready to go in the washers, I take the dry loads out and put in the next washed loads in. I add more quarters to add time to the remaining time and voila! A never ending system that ensures I get my washers and dryer without having to wait in line for others. (Plus, I save 50 cents not having to start a new dryer) If anyone wants to dispute my use of that dryer again my arguement is that I still have time on the dryer and get to use my unused time. Oh yeah, I'm good. I'm not totally a total Fixico (heartless) when it comes to the dryers though. I'll always give up my dryer for the elderly. Always respect your elders.
And if your wondering where's the funny, I guess the funny part is watching people get really pissed and up tight about laundry dryers. Fighting and racing to get theirs in first. I don't feel bad because there are also 6 other dryers to use. The just aren't as big as the "good" ones. There are some really ruthless people when it comes to doing your laundry. One time, I just happend to be in the laundry room when this woman just started taking my stuff out of a dryer with minutes still on it. I was mortified. Oh well. What some people will do for clean clothes.... C'est la vie.

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