Thursday, August 14

Well it's Thursday...What a thursday. I love it. My ex's parents left late last night and I have to admit I was very sad. I love those guys just like my own parents. They've taken care of me and given me advice. He's mom was so sweet. I know I'll always be welcome in there home no matter what. Despite the fact that me and their son aren't exactly on speaking terms. Which by the way he did call today. It was a brief conversation but it was good. Knowing that someone you care about is alright and they don't think your a total ass is always good. It was mostly small talk "Hi, How you doin?, Life sucks, I'm okay though...." Nothing major and of all the perfect things to happen my phone dies. It's for the best I suppose. Everything happens for a reason. It's nice to know he still cares a little. C'est la vie.

Anyways, I wanna go to the fair tonight and ride rides until I puke. (Good visual) Tomorrow I get to be a door guard for sometraings I'm involved in. I guess since I'll be alone with my thoughts I could start writing my book. Maybe....we'll see. Saturday hopefully I'll get to get some sleep! Lately, I've been feeling like 6 hours just ain't enought anymore. (Note to self: Get some sleep) Anyways...that's all for now. It's time to go home. Later Katz.

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