Wednesday, April 7

sorry for my non-posting ass...

But I had the flu...

Still have it actually.

Anyways, since I was sitting at home yesterday I was going through my many journals and in most of them I only used one page. (I collect journals and pretend I'm going to write in them) Anyways, I found this little one pager and thought I'd tear it out and throw it away so I could use it for something else. that page doesn't die in is what I wrote.

Mind you this is a mind rambling of a eighteen year old (that made me sick to write it...Curse being twenty-four!) mind. Back in the day. Enjoy!

It's nine'o clock on the lover's watch
Yet she can't a wait to touch his soul
She hears his faint footsteps drawing closer...closer...
closer than their souls could take
Anticipating the moment next
She looks upon true magnificense
His masculinity makes for true beauty
As he walked toward the craving of his heart
She was glided into the clouds above
Close to his heart...she heard her gift for life
The one true thing that was given once in a lifetime
She recived chasmere lips upon her brow
And soared higher than young angels could fly
In her arms was the meaning of life
She mastered through with true heart and honest words
The creator has awarded her this man of enchantment
And surprise was felt everyday her heart beated.

I like it but there is something about it that distrubes me...I wish I knew what time of the year I wrote it...I may have helped...

anyways...til next time...

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