Monday, April 26


The weekend came and went by without little fan fare. Despite the March for women's lives and the World Bank protests. I managed to stay out of trouble. Saturday I just basically drove around with Benji. We were so bored out of our minds we went to see The Alamo. It was okay. But so not worth the extra fourty five minutes I'll never get back. But I learned alot. They had an excerpt about Davey Crocketts role in the Red Stick Wars. Something that I've been meaning to research. I'll do that later.

Sunday...I washed the dishes...moves some stuff around in my room....managed to avoid washing clothes for the you don't wanna know week in a row...and installed my new four in one printer. It's a copier/fax/scanner/printer. I absotively love it. It's so freaking awesome. I could very well run my own business from my apt. I have a digital camera. A web cam phone fax internet....yeah...oh the possibilities...

In other news...something I am very proud of is that I have manage to find 100 natives on myspace. My little group Native Pride recently reached the 100 mark milestone. And it's great. I love it. Whether its meeting new natives, or reading their points of view, posting the pow-wows from around the way. I love it. My girl Sonya (STLgirl) just recently signed up and she had like a bunch of her friends join. So that's really kewl. Hopefully more people's will join and enjoy the madness with me...until then I'll keep the hot native bois to myself. "Thosh"...mmmm...."Thosh"...

Other things...

Ten things I'm greatful for:

1. Being me and being a friend.
2. Bounuses!
3. Admin secretaries day.
4. working @ IHS Headquarters and getting to meet the people that make decisions.
5. Dates with my father. (we went to go see Connie and Carla Thursday...funny stuff)
6. All my blogger peeps.
7. Money to pay my phone bill
8. Diana Krall tickets.
9. HFStival tickets (Hell yeah, I'm going to see the Cure!)
10. Dates with my sister...we're going to see 13 going on 30 tomorrow. :D

Monday Randum:

Wholey Crap this is funny...Benji was fuckin around on Thursday and Friday cracking me the hell up with this website. You just gotta see it to believe it. Be sure to click the links and find the pictures. Hillarious!

Click here now! Native's at their finest!