Wednesday, April 21


While I would like to say that it was on I came in with my shirt on inside out. It was hella good times. I walked around ALL morning til 11 and then my bestfriend Benji had to tell me. Crazy. Not one person the on Subway had the guts to tell me. Not one. LMAO! Oh was funny to say the least.

In other news, My other best friend Ryan (Yes i have four people I consider the best) informed me that he chopped off his hair. He's twenty-one. He's been growing out his hair since he was a least eight. Mind you he has gotten little trims now and then...but yeah...he chopped it off. I was heart-broken....well...maybe not that bad. But I was very upset.

I'm not really sure why. I just know that it did. I'm alright now. And actually I'm very proud of him. It was a big deal for him to do it and he did. So kudos. Plus, now I'm sure his hair is healthier. :-/

yeah...more later.

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