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{01.16.07} - Its all about production...Incredible weekend.

{01.16.07} - Its all about production...Incredible weekend.
Posted Date: : Jan 16, 2007 5:14 AM
Well this year is off to a great start.  This weekend we got so much done it was insane and seriously to think...we didn't get shit-face drunk nor did I consume a single beer to enjoy myself.  (Okay, I had a couple glasses of wine but nothing substancial.)

Friday, I let Bane sleep when I got home because I was excited to see Pan's Labyrinth @ 10 pm and he needed to get up early the next day.  I watched Loving Annabelle (A lesbian story) by myself because its only during the times that I have to myself that I get to enjoy such things.  (Almost and L Word lover but not quite)  About 9 pm ish we were waiting for James to show up so we could jet on over to the Shirlington Theater.  He wasn't too late and we got there about 9:30.  The line was LOooooooNg but we must have got there right on time because we got perfect seats.  Needless to say the movie was long but it was beautiful, enchanting, graphic, and adorable.  I liked it alot.  I think I was expecting a tad more "horror" which is why it wasn't to sentimental for me.  Either way...I can still appricate it for what it was...which is one of the most innovated and beautiful movies you'll probably see this year.  Afterwards, I took James all the way home to Gaithersburg (My thank you for coming) and got stuff for me to eat the next day cuz Bane was going to be gone all day.

Saturday,  Bane did his first sweat lodge on Saturday.  He almost didn't make it because the alarms didn't go off. Thankfully, my internal alarm has been on point lately and he woke up right on time.  He left me with kisses and nervousness and I fell the hell back asleep because I was so relaxed knowing...I was Bane free for a few hours.  Muahahaha.  I slept most of the day....out of all the things I could've done I slept most of the day.  It felt good!  It felt grand not to have to entertain or figure out what your partner wanted or needed for once.  It was amazing.  My father woke me up around 3 ish....I didn't mean to sleep that long...I went to the store with him whilst getting rid of at least 2 bags of clothing I had been hanging on to forever.  (I still have tons more to let go of but it was a start) 

Then as soon as I walked in the door...I looked at the corner behind the door and started there...I started there @ about 3:45 and didn't stop til bane came home @ about 7:30.   It was nuts.  You can see the living room floor!  I was so proud of myself for getting so much done.  It was amazing...you don't even know napoleon.  hahaha...yeah.  Bane came home...we canoodled and snoodled and talked about his first sweat lodge experience.  It was great having him home.  It was great having time to actually miss him for once! hahaha.  I don't think I've done that in over a year...regardless...we stayed up and watched Smoke Signals to cap of his "native day" hahaha.  (He's never seen it and needless to say he loved it)

Sunday, he gave me a huge surprise...he woke up and the first thing he did was call his mother...to ask if we could come hang out.  All on his own....blew me away.  So Sunday I finally got to meet Mr. Bane's mom.  It was fantastic!  She's so warm and nice and wonderful.  She reminds me alot of my mom.  And her husband alot of my step-dad.  Talking with them wasn't awekward at all...cept for when we couldn't think of things to say.  We ate some delicious turkey chili with them...laughed with them...I got to listen to baby bane stories (FINALLY!) and all in all...it was a tremendous night...for the both of us....GREAT SUNDAY!

Monday, we slept in...our priviledge for having the day off.  I watched a couple morning shows and he did some business on the net and then we ventured off to Chipotle for lunchie.  After lunch and because it was such an awesome day Bane actually was up to walking around DC and exploring...I was so excited!  We walked through the circle and saw my dad.  We walked all the way to adams morgan and we had a snack at this smoothie/dessert shop on 18th street.  It was awesome.  Anyone who's anyone knows how hard it is for me to get bane to just walk and explore this city that I love. (DC isn't his favorite) but he did yesterday and we had a blast.  We even got some CD's and movies at the $1 CD store. :)

All in all it was a great weekend.  I know this isn't as elaborate and detailed as it could be...but I had to write this quickly in an hour....I'll write more later. 

Yey, Tuesday! :)

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