Thursday, January 18

{01.18.07} - Gotta love them budgets! Yes, I have a budget.

{01.18.07} - Gotta love them budgets! Yes, I have a budget.
Posted Date: : Jan 18, 2007 5:53 AM
So as a part of my New Year's resolution to be more abundant, I have been doing my budget everyday on this excel spreadsheet my dad made.  I must admit...its fun.  I don't know why but I love balancing our checkbook and crunching the numbers to get REAL numbers and see what we REALLY have.

It's pretty neat!  We still don't have a lot of money.  Not by a long shot...but projected numbers indicate that if we continue to live within our means...No going out to party @ clubs and trips to the major clothing purchases...

We'll have a substantial surplus by the end of February.  Not only that...but we'll be ahead of the game and we'll be able to pay all our bills with up coming checks on time.  That's crazy!  Collectively our take home pay is about 50% of our next year we'll be ridin dirty like no other.  Oh yes, this year has started off fuckin awesome. 

Some of the pros of doing our budget this month religiously?  Well for one its getting hella cold in DC (finally) and Bane has gone without coveralls for too long. (He's an electrician and is outside in the cold by 6am)  Buying durable, nice coveralls aren't exactly cheap (about the $150 range) but since I've been religious about our budget...I was able to slip it in without causing peril to our livelyhood.  Granted we won't be going out this weekend...but tomorrow morning my baby will be able to keep warm from neck to feet. 

And since he got something...of course I wanted something too.  So right after work...and since it was already in the budget anyway...I was finally able to buy that stupid plate set I've been waiting for FOR-EVER.  Yes, peoples....I am the new and very satisfied owner of those stupid Jade Galaxy plates.  They actually had ONE set left at the Target next to my work and they were mine. 

I'm so happy.  Seriously, being responsible is going phenomenal. 

And for the people that know me better.  The pop resolution has all but faltered.  I've resided myself to drink diet coke...getting use to it actually.  Still drinking the most milk I can and also all the green tea I could possibly want.  But still...its easy to ask for pop when I'm not thinking about now I'm trying to be more aware.  Blah.


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