Friday, December 3

Volleyball and The raddest concert ever...

Last night I played my first game of volleyball with this All Native Girls team they got here in Gaithersburg. We're the Native Man I was kinda scurd at first cause I haven't played since 4 ever but last night I must admit was fucking fun ass hell! Man we lost our first 3 games but man...that 4th game we all got our groove and became a team...fuck it was magic! I loved it to death! I haven't lost my serving touch and I ain't even all that sore. I'm so proud of myself. Yeah son.

Tomorrow I'm soo effin excited cause I got practice in the morning and the me and my momishu (™Dangerous sister) are going to see the fucking raddest concert of the year!

5:00 Keane
5:30 My Chemical Romance
6:10 Breaking Benjamin
6:50 Chevelle
7:35 The Killers
8:20 Franz Ferdinand
9:05 Jimmy-Eat World
10:00 Good Charlotte
11:00 Velvet Revolver

Fucking Aye I can't wait. I'm so excited! I am so wanting to meet Chevelle it's sick! Man...What I wouldn't do for that Band...For fucking Pete...I love them. I need to make me a new shirt cause the last one I had a friend jacked up for me. So I need a new one!

Enough of that Jazz....I'll write more later...but I had to get that off my chest for now. ;) Toodles.

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