Friday, December 10

Happy Friday, people!

And a great Friday it is indeed. *nods*

Well the aftermath of the incident is that yes...NO ONE was hurt. The wallets will have a huge dent but those are the prices we pay for making stupid, very well avoidable mistakes. Lesson learned.

A friend of mine was generous and crazy enough to buy me a plane ticket to Las Vegas next week. I was honored and kind of taken back but then again you can't say no to a gift. It's rude. (or at least that's what I'm telling myself these days) so Next wednesday @ EST 4:55 I will be in the air to Chicago and then from Chi-town to Sin City. Good times. I'm going to be the "escort" for a friend to a wedding. The exact same friend I was suppose to marry back in March as a goof but didn't quite make it...(If any of y'all can remember that) Kinda scary now that you think about it...what if we do get married? OMGz......

Then just imagine two weeks after I get back from Las Vegas I'll be in the air flying to Florida to get on a big ol ship to the Bahamas. ex's family is paying for the whole thing so don't be going thinking I'm rich or anything...I'm sooooooooooo not. I just have that something that people are willing to pay to be around...maybe I should be an actress or something? Never could happen.... *wicked smile*

*~Happy Friday, People~*

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