Wednesday, December 1

Is it winter yet?

Today is either going to be an awesome day or a shitty one.
Depending on how you look at it.

Today I've committed to quitting drinking alcohol (cept for an exception on Dec. 4th and maybe once on a certain TBA trip), drinking soda, and smoking cigarettes...(cept for spiritual purposes but I don't any arise) for a month (cigarettes indefinately). Wish me luck.

I've also committed to a race to be the biggest loser in a contest with my sweet bitch Natasha aka Ah Satan. Today is our official weigh in and we have til January 1st with weigh in's every week. The prize? As for now it's just the greatest bitch of all time. We may think of something better but where both competitive so competing for a saltine would suffice. I love you, Satan.

This morning looks so dark and gloomy that it may as well be 6 in the evening. Seriously. It's all rainy and sad outside...and me with no Jazz...BOO....Madeleine Peyroux would be good here...

Fucking aye...I JUST ran out of Dr. Pepper lip smackers. What the fuck am I going to do now. Dry lips! Perish the thought...I think I'm going to have to call Kip to bring me my chapstick.

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