Tuesday, June 3

At least I said hello in May....hmmm...that was nice of me.... LOL

Anyways, it's the beginning of June. I can't believe it. In exactly 19 more days my sister will be married. And in exactly 4 months she''l be having a baby girl. I can't wait for this girl to come. I can't wait to meet her.
As for everything else in my life. The man of my dreams hasn't called me yet and I am wondering what the heck is going on. (Where you at Mr. Man?) He's comming to see me for sure at the end of the month but I was thinking about going to see him this weekend BUT since he hasn't called I haven't been able to get my ticket AND If I don't get it by tomorrow then I may not be comming at all. Did you get my message that I left on your machine on Sunday? I know you read this so you better smarten up and call!!! he he he... J/K Really though call me.

Other than that life is peachy keen. I love it and I can't imagine being more happier to be alive. I am truely blessed.

Peace out for now

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