Thursday, June 21

One foot in front of the will all work out. That's faith.

These past couple weeks have been hectic.  Crazy even...So much is happened so I'll try to condense it to the thoughts in my jumbled brain.

Recently, I went a little shop happy getting things I NEED and a few things I don't. (Causing a huge dent in my bank account I thought I could live with)  I bought myself a new purse and some much deserved clothes.  I got myself a new girly haircut and I wore a dress to work the other day. 

I've decided take more steps to look like the woman I know I can be.  Being more of BANE's woman rather than his androgenous partner.  My mommy gave me a target gift card for $25 dollars for my birthday and I used it to buy some make up brushes  I heard they were better than MAC.  And I miss wearing make-up. 

And all this is hella girly for me...but in the end...its paying off royally.  In my small effort to do these things...Bane has been a little more attentive and very forethcoming with the compliments.  Which my Aries ego LOVES LOVES LOVES.  A lot more loving glances, a lot more light touches here and there and holding hands...alot more special kisses for no reason...physcial adoration of my "assests"...and there's no need for me to stress the rest (which is better than fantastical lately, haha).  I'm doing better self-esteem wise and I've been feeling very pretty lately.

I just wish I could have bangin eyebrows.

Other than that there has been tons I've wanted to blog about but just never seemed to have the time to...I will this weekend though.  I've wanted to blog about my awesometastical experience when I did a sweat a few weeks ago.  Or the hella soul soothing family day at King's Dominion that was kick ass.  Or the true colors concert that my girl Lisa Lisa (who has a sexy new haircut) took me too.  Cyndi Lauper WAS FANTASIC!!!!!!!!  So was BETH DITTO.  I'm so in love with Beth DITTO....So much so that I will show you exactly how fat I am.

I love her!  And again..the concert was off the hook cuz my girl Margaret Cho killed.  Such is such of life.

These days...well today actually I am gearing up to drive 20 hours straight to Oklahoma just for one day with my WHOLE Okie Fam.  They get to meet my baby loverface and I get to be "home" for a few seconds.  That's going to be spectacular.  I can't wait.  I wish I could spend a few hours in Graceland since we're crusin through Memphis but I'll make Bane promise we'll go back.  I'm picking my daddy up after work and I'm getting off @ 2:30 to meet Bane at the metro.  I want to leave as soon a possible because the sooner we leave..the faster we'll get there and the sooner we get there...the more time I have to spend with my grammy and grampa. 

I love them.

So wish me luck, kittens.  A couple hours ago I didn't have funding for this trip but that's what faith is about...knowing without a doubt that if I put my mind to something it will work out..and I already know it has...I have the funding and the universe, Maheo or whatever you want to call it...has already taken care of me.  For some reason, I have JUST enough money in the bank to cover it.  How that happened...who knows...but I'm thankful. (Super thankful because that means hella SONICS eatin, yo!)  hahaha....

Such is such.

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