Tuesday, April 29

My life, My life....such is my life.

So Easter was great and the expression on Tris's face was priceless. I loved it! I had a great time. The Monday after I met this incredible person with thee most gorgeous soul I have ever known. I won't say to much because I'm still trying to figure out whats going on here but ever since this person came into my life things are change and becoming more I don't know. Too much of a coincedence. The day after I met this incredible person 3 people randomly call. And it was really weird. I'd like to divulge details but I just can't do it right now. Anyways what I can talk about right now is New York.

Aah...New York, New York....how I love thee.

Anybody who really knows me knows that I love New York. I went up there this weekend to FINALLY see Les Miserables. And the show was great. Fantastic and more that I ever expected. I cried from beginning to end and it was fabulous! Again anyone who really knows me knows how much and how long I've waited to see that show. If you are able to get tickets to go, you MUST go. I HIGHLY recommend it. And if you have no one to go with...just give me a call. *wink* Other than that I just walked around New York and just took it all in. Sunday was a perfect day. It was beautiful. Hardly any clouds in the sky and I was in heaven. I saw breakdancing, I saw talented ballet dancers, singers, everything....Only in New York. It was amazing. Oh yeah, plus this weekend I finally accepted the fact that I don't like to be called by my first name and anyone whom I meet from this day forward will know me as Spring. That is my name. It may sound trival but believe me I have been battling with my name for years and this weekend, thru talking with others, I've fully accepted that my name is Spring and I hate to be called Katie. And so anyways, the day that I finally accepted this I'm walking around New York alone and this guy comes up to me thinking that I live there. And the question he asked me was so bizarre because....I'm getting ahead of myself. He asked me "Do you know where Spring is?" Not do you know where spring street is or can you tell me how to get to spring street but "Do you know where Spring is?" And I was at a loss for words. Of all the people he could have asked and of all the streets in New York. That was the question he asked me. Of course I told him I don't live there and that was that. Strange. So I got to really thinking about it. Do I know where she is and basically Do I know where I am. And not physically but where am I at in my life and where am I in the world. I still have alot of thinking to do on that but that was an excellent question. But that night I cried alot thinking about it. I'll write about it when I figure it all out in my head but for now. Ciao.

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