Saturday, March 22

Well here I am pismo beach! and all the clams I can eat... Nah not really. I'm just living life and I am finally back in Washington DC from a looooong and drawn out trip. And pictures to prove it! Since I've been home I've done jury duty, gotten my bride's maid dress, watched my nephew, and that's about it. I'll finally have another birthday soon. *winces* I can hardly wait. I don't know why I feel like 23 is so old. I know in reality it's not but it just "feels" that way. Y'know? Oh well, someday I'll get over it. I am down to one ciggie every couple days so I'm doing good on that. I'm taking meds for my depression. And It's comming along nicely I must say...

I've lost like 5 pounds so far so I got to hop to it if I want to lose at least 10 more before the wedding. And that's a whole other thing....It's comming soon. Scary...but fun. More laters. I'm finally getting my computer hooked up at home so I don't have to use my sisters anymore. So I'll write all about my adventures when I get the time. l8er.

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