Thursday, May 7

My life, my life, my the sunshine! LOL

There truly is no place to start.

I'm a mother. 

I'm someone's food source, guidance, love, support, teacher, student, and best friend for the rest of their lives.

I'm someone's mother.

Tonite at 12:29 AM she will officially be 2 weeks old.  That two weeks has sped by so fast that I can hardly think of all the memories created in that short span of time.

My daughter, Keya Rilee Anson has completely changed my life for the better.  She's humbled me.  She's softened me.  She's made me a more patient and loving person. 

Keya's ACTUAL birth was a piece of cake.  The epidual kicked in immediately and after that I couldn't feel the contractions that were off the scale anymore.  I went through 2 days of CRAZY pain because my cervix would NOT dialte more than 1 cm.  I went to the hospital twice and even though the contractions were crazy painful (I could compare them to other moms to be in the hospital and theirs were NO WHERE NEAR what mine were.  Not trying to brag but you can ask my sister.)  And what made it worse is nothing could be done til I dialated to a 3 AT least. 

I guess it was all heighted due to the fact that my little one was already late, she decided she wanted to be a taurus, my grandma/namesake made the journey back to the creator, and dealing with Army issues and Jared and just trying to keep focused so I didn't kirk out.  That was all just the week Keh was late. 

So compared to THAT.  Keh's actual birth...the whole hour it took to really push her out...was a piece of cake.  I will even go as far to say the contractions/urge to push...whilst they appeared painful...where actually incredibly enjoyable.  Yes, Miss Neta...Orgasmic birth is possible...with working epidural. LOL.

The only really annoying part about it was people telling me to push harder.  Um...yeah...I PUSHED HARD AS POSSIBLE EVERYTIME.  Weirdos.

Another great part was Jared.  For someone who "Didn't no nuthin bout birthin no babies", he was the perfect coach.  My love held my hand and gave me positive and loving reinforcement every step of the way.  He showed up and was at his best and with him in one hand and my best friend/sister in the other...We welcomed keya to a world surrounded by love.  Her first breath was witnessed by those who love her the most.  And yes, her daddy did cut the cord.  LOL He did it like a champ. LOL.

Speaking of which...I truly believe that Keya waited for her dad to be there.  Within an hour of him showing up...he had time to mingle with our friends that sat in the waiting room for our miracle to appear and then time to go to work helping mommy.  My little turtle is every intuative and is a great manifester.  She'll never do what she doesn't want to do...stubborn taurus...but if you explain things to her...she'll do what is asked of her.  I can go into detail later but that's like a whole blog in itself. 

So it is...Keya Rilee Anson made her appearance in the world two weeks ago tonite.  She was 7 lbs 14 oz and when RE-measured...she was 21 inches long. It was funny to me because when they took her to be cleaned I was like (to jared) baby our daughter needs you.  He kissed me on the forehead and talked her through what was going on.  My sister took pics...and I got to think...and pray.  I just thanked the creator for that first breath.  I thanked him for a great birth.  And I just was thankful to him...and my grandmother for keeping us all safe that night. 

Right after Keya was born, my sister and my father had to dash home to get ready to go back to Oklahoma for the funeral.  They puposely held it back so that Kelli and my dad (who didn't want to miss his latest grandchild's birth) could be at Keya's first day.  My dad and Kelli were on a plane hours later.  Jared drove my dad home and I got to spend a few moments alone with Keya.  It was like a perfect dream.  She has my nose.  She has daddy's hands and feet. LOL.  She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  And even though its STILL sinking in that I'm actually someone's mom...thinking about life without her ever is unfathomable. She's our little slice of heaven.  I can't wait for y'all to meet her.

And I especially can't wait for Keya to meet her bffs...Aiyana and Maya.  (Why does that somehow sound ghey?) Ya ya ya.  LOL

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