Wednesday, August 17

And home again


A child's morning laughter lingers soundly in the breeze.
Walking the careful path back home with gentleness and ease.
Do I know where I'm going? I suppose home is where I please.
Yet the word for home is empty cause I've seemed to lost my keys.

I can't help who I am right now though I know I can be more.
You've tapped my one insecurity and it pains me to the core.
Do I lay down and stay a victim? That's not what love is for.
My heart is at its strongest but how much more will it endure?

I can't help who I am right now though it's hard to be this weak.
I can't instantly give you answers or the happiness you seek.
I can no longer be a victim and pretend to be this meek.
I can only go on alone cause aggravation is all we speak.

I couldn't stand to love another. Even this I tried not to want.
I'm all the girl you needed but perhaps that was just a front.
I can't tell what I'm doing. My words are vague & blunt.
Maybe I fooled myself again and played an idiot savant.

Confusion is all that lingers. I don't know what I want for me.
Next to you is all I wanted and now that place I cannot be.
Does that mean that I give up, like I tend to easily?
Hell no. I'll just keep on going for one day, my love, you'll see.

I'll keep on trying harder so that you can never say I didn't do my best.
I'll continue to live my life for me so as to put your mind at rest.
Your challenge is for the better so I'll gladly accept this test.
So that when we look back at this time, it will just be all in jest.

My goals will come to fruition so that my soul I can appease
I'll continue to wear my ring and promise kept on bended knees.
So when a child's morning laughter still lingers in the breeze.
I can carefully walk back home with gentleness and ease.

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