Tuesday, February 15

My Valentines gift...

The grand kids will love this one day... ;)

Did you know that i watched you as you were sleeping
sometimes filled with overwhelming love that i find myself weeping
i look upon you gently dreaming
And with pride and joy I'm inwardly gleaming
You are my love forever true
to this love forever true
to this love forever we're committed to
your beautiful face is like an angel to me
you open your eyes and its there that i see
the love that exudes from your heart for me
a love like this isn't easy to master
though we've been through the fire and every earthly disaster
we've made it to the other side
through love and peace we gracefully glide
in a place of calm and knowledge of one another
no guess work....no fumbling we're in tune with each other
you know me as no one ever has
you hold my future and you forgive my past
its in your eyes as your sleeping you see
that i am thankfully reminded that i've been blessed with thee
so to you my sweet love i vow my life
to be forever true with you as my wife

And I said:
Spring: your so ghey....and I love you.
Leslie : something
Spring: I really can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, baby.
Leslie : i know.....

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