Sunday, August 4

Once again...Starting all over again. Here I am, a little worse then the way I was about a year ago. Left here with one more love gone bad. Left here with a terrible first year of school. Left here with a broken heart and a brand new spirit. And all the tears and sleepless nights to prove it.

I sit here now ready to tell myself the story of what happened last year so that I may find out what went wrong and fix it. And of all the things that went wrong within the past year, I'm still trying to move on. I now know that I am finally ready to do so. I'm finally ready to get over the past months and start a new path. But that's all I'm willing to admit for now. The whole story will come to light sooner or later. Just when the time is right. So for now I leave with this in mind. I am a beautiful woman and I am worthy of love and to be loved. And no one can take that away but me. Peace for now. Spring

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